Harvard Medical School has the knowledge, capabilities and experience you need to solve your company’s toughest challenges.

Whether it’s developing a new drug, transforming a component of the patient experience or evolving your market strategy to reflect emerging trends, Harvard Medical School can help you succeed in the highly complex and competitive health care industry. We’ve been improving patient outcomes and advancing medicine for more than two centuries. We bring that legacy to life through corporate learning offerings that combine our unparalleled knowledge of medical science and practice—helping to grow and develop leaders at all levels of your organization. 

We help organizations address the many complex factors that influence success within the health care sector. Our dynamic solutions align with team members’ needs and span areas ranging from fundamental and cutting-edge medical science to clinical workflows, health care leadership, reimbursement trends, health care equity and employee wellness. Taught by health care experts from Harvard Medical School and other distinguished Harvard faculty members, our corporate learning programs provide ambitious organizations with the expertise, context and insight they need to innovate and lead.

Why Harvard Medical School?

For more than 200 years, HMS has been the most prestigious and trusted source of medical education in the world. We bring that legacy to life through Corporate Learning solutions that combine our unparalleled knowledge of clinical practice, biomedical science and the health care industry—giving organizations the expertise, context and insight they need to innovate and lead.

Our programs build upon the expertise of the School’s nearly 12,000-member faculty to deliver firsthand expert clinical insights, breakthrough research and best practices.

World-Renowned Faculty

Our Corporate Learning solutions are designed and delivered by world-renowned faculty who are leaders in research and practice.

Measurable Outcomes

Our participants become highly sophisticated within the domain of health care, developing stronger, forward-thinking business strategies and, ultimately, delivering products and services that improve the lives of providers and—most importantly—patients.

  • Who Benefits From Our Solutions?

    Harvard Medical School's Corporate Learning solutions are designed for businesses and business leaders in health care-related industries, as well as provider organizations. Participants come from a range of functional areas including research and new product development, medical and regulatory affairs, marketing, finance/investing, engineering, operations and legal.

    Industry segments that benefit from these program offerings include: 

    • Health care technology 
    • Pharmaceuticals and biotechnology
    • Medical device
    • Retail health
    • Health care service firms
    • Venture capital and private equity
    • New entrants to health care