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The Future of Workforce Health

The Future of Workforce Health initiative aims to bring together the best of employers, providers, and research to identify cutting-edge solutions and practices for improving employee health and productivity while reducing the cost of health care benefits.  

This new opportunity from Harvard Medical School Corporate Learning is convening expert faculty members, top employers, insurers/payers, and health care service companies to tackle the corporate sector’s most vexing challenges in health care for employees and their businesses. Participating companies will: 

  • Learn cutting-edge research
  • Share innovative solutions and practices
  • Accelerate the adoption of new programs to improve the health of employees

The ideal members for this initiative would be C-suite executives such as CEOs, and CHRO-level executives from large employers, insurers, and health care providers. Also crucial to this initiative are service providers offering services to improve health and productivity with innovative technology or program management solutions. These innovations might target burnout, lack of motivation, stress management, chronic disease management, wellness, and/or other topics important to the corporate sector.

Benefits of this initiative:

  1. Employers will gain the opportunity to be part of cutting-edge health care solutions in technology, services, plans, or programs to increase the value of health care dollars spent, enhance productivity, and/or improve employee well-being.​
  2. Service providers will get real-time feedback about current successful solutions or innovations in health care coming in the future.​
  3. Payers will benefit as both employers and payers/providers of insurance while learning new data and research, as well as participating in employer best practice sharing with an opportunity to gain inspiration from successful solutions either working today or through innovations on the horizon.