Solutions designed for you.

In fields as complex—and competitive—as health care and medicine, you need targeted educational solutions that reflect the work you do and the challenges you face.

We take a proactive approach to understand your business needs and opportunities and will work with your team to create a program that integrates coursework, digital learning, and individualized instruction tailored to your culture and work environment. We have wide-ranging expertise across virtually every area of health care—from research and drug discovery to clinical care delivery and emerging technologies. Through our close relationship with peers across Harvard University, we can also create health care-first programs that teach relevant skills in areas such as manufacturing, marketing, and finance.

Whether you are seeking a standalone learning resource that can be integrated into your patient or customer platform, an online learning experience that can be completed at your own pace, or live virtual and in-person programs that facilitate active engagement with our instructors, HMS is prepared to deliver.

Five-Step Process for Custom Programs

5 Step Process for Custom Programs

  1. Needs Assessment – We will interview key stakeholders and work closely with you to fully understand your organization, culture, people, and learning needs.
  2. Program Design – Collaborating closely with you, we will finalize program business and learning objectives and create the high-level program architecture.
  3. Program Development – We will create the day-to-day session design, including faculty selection, learning methods, curriculum, experiential learning, case studies, and tools.
  4. Program Delivery – We will work closely with participants and all key stakeholders to launch, manage, and deliver a world-class learning experience for your leaders.
  5. Follow Up and Measurement – We will execute the agreed upon program measurement techniques to measure satisfaction and impact. We encourage follow-up reinforcement and can work with you to design and deliver follow-up interventions.