Harvard Medical School Launches Executive Program for Senior Life Sciences Leaders

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Boston, MA—May 17, 2024 — Harvard Medical School Corporate Learning announces the launch of its new eight-month Executive Program for Senior Life Sciences Leaders

This program—conceived to help address the tectonic shifts occurring in the life sciences—will equip senior executives with the strategic tools necessary to lead a culture of innovation and manage complex life sciences projects. 

“The life sciences industry is experiencing unprecedented change, driven by digital tools, artificial intelligence, real-world data, new therapeutic modalities, and a renewed focus on patient centricity. This changing landscape is redefining the need for skilled leaders to navigate these trends and set strategy for their organizations,” said Stanley Shaw, MD, PhD, associate dean of Executive Education at Harvard Medical School and the program co-director. “The Executive Program for Senior Life Sciences Leaders is rooted in a comprehensive grasp of the life sciences industry and its dynamic evolution.”

In addition to aspiring and current leaders, the program is also ideal for health care leaders transitioning into the life sciences industry, founders or early-stage leaders in biotechnology or pharmaceutical startups, and senior consultants and strategists supporting the life sciences industry. Focused on developing and delivering new patient therapies, learners will gain insights into important emerging technologies and industry trends and expand their skills in decision-making, strategy, and leading high-performing teams.

“The program takes a layered approach to leadership, delving into industry dynamics and fostering self-management as pivotal to impactful leadership while also empowering participants to develop and implement strategies suited to the dynamic pharmaceutical landscape,” said program co-director Margaret C. Andrews, an instructor at Harvard University and managing director and founder of The MYLO Center. “The curriculum is centered around how to lead in a science-based industry that has the potential to save and improve the lives of millions of people.”

The Executive Program for Senior Life Sciences Leaders is delivered by Emeritus; enrollment starts on June 27, 2024. For more information, please visit the program page.

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