Health Care Insights for Corporate Learners: A Year in Review

Blocks spelling out the year 2024 on a blue background.

Health care continued to evolve in transformational ways during 2023. As we enter another year focused on a shared goal to alleviate human suffering and improve health and well-being for all, we are reflecting on the range of topics we explored through our Corporate Learning Insights in 2023. As always, the goal of Harvard Medical School's Corporate Learning programs and content is to provide knowledge that will give you and your teams new perspectives into how to lead in a dynamic and constantly changing industry.

Here are our most read articles from 2023:

  1. Academic-Industry Collaborations Matter: Personal Perspectives of a Cancer-Surviving Physician Educator
    Dean for External Education David Roberts, MD, a cancer-surviving physician and educator, reflects on his personal experience with lymphoma and underscores the critical role of academic-industry collaborations in advancing medical treatments.
  2. Digital Transformation in Health Care: Keys for Success
    In their New England Journal of Medicine Catalyst article, Stanley Shaw, MD, PhD, and John Glaser, PhD outline three ways health care organizations can drive digital transformation.
  3. Medical Illustrators Bring Complex Concepts to Life for Corporate Learners
    By collaborating closely with faculty instructors, medical illustrators at HMS create engaging content for HMX Fundamentals and HMX Pro courses. This helps makes complex scientific subjects more easily understandable and applicable to a wide range of learners.
  4. Health Care Economics: 5 Facts Business Leaders Should Know
    Dr. Bapu Jena, an HMS professor and host of Freakonomics, MD, outlines five facts about health care economics that business leaders need to know.
  5. Accelerating Transformation and Value Creation in Biopharmaceuticals: A Case Study with Boehringer Ingelheim
    Boehringer Ingelheim reflects on the first 1,000 learners to complete custom and open enrollment HMS Corporate Learning programs available to its workforce, covering diverse topics, including patient centricity and digital technologies.