Medical Illustrators Bring Complex Concepts to Life for Corporate Learners

How medical illustrators support corporate learning for health care leaders

An illustration of a desk with a lamp.

When teaching complex biomedical concepts, a strong course curriculum is important, but the visual aspects of the course are just as important to help learners understand the material more deeply. 

Creating interesting and informative learning materials for corporate learners — whether they have a science background or not — is challenging and requires unique expertise. With the help of talented medical illustrators, courses become more easily understood, visually appealing, and more relevant to a wide variety of learners.

At Harvard Medical School (HMS), medical illustrators — many of whom have advanced training and/or certification in the field — are involved early in the production of courses such as HMX Fundamentals and HMX Pro. They work closely with faculty instructors to present course information in the most effective and engaging manner. 

images of cells
A PRO Pharmacology animation that explains the process of drug discovery and development.
A medical illustration of germs.
A PRO Immunology animation that introduces the mechanism of lymphocyte diversity.