Ethan Perlstein, PhD, Founder/CEO of Perlara PBC, the first Biotech Public Benefit Corporation


In this webinar, Ethan Perlstein, PhD discussed how highly motivated and entrepreneurial rare genetic disease families are increasingly becoming drug developers. Dr. Perlstein illustrated this thesis with the Maggie's Pearl story.

About the Presenter

Over the course of the last decade, first as a graduate student at Harvard University in the Department of Molecular and Cell Biology with PhD advisor Stuart Schreiber and then as an independent postdoctoral fellow at the Lewis-Sigler Institute at Princeton University, Ethan Perlstein developed an approach to studying old drugs and discovering new drugs in model organisms called evolutionary pharmacology. Dr. Perlstein is an author on 19 peer-reviewed scholarly publications, including the discovery of a novel mechanism of action for the antidepressant Zoloft based on studies in yeast cells.